About Us

Introduction to Trinity House

Trinity House Community Resource Centre exists to provide a safe and accessible centre providing education, training, personal development and recreational services for the benefit of children, young people, parents and carers.


Our mission is to provide a centre for the community to benefit children, young people, parents and carers by means of education, training, personal development and recreation.


  • We will provide an up-to-date community facility that is attractive, accessible, welcoming and appealing for all.
  • Members of the community contribute to the development and running of Trinity House.
  • A thriving, welcoming Community Centre where all are made to feel valued and safe whilst giving the opportunity to learn, develop and engage in positive activities
  • We will be fully-funded, sustainable and ongoing.
  • We want everyone that lives in the area to be aware, and take advantage, of what is on offer at Trinity House.
  • Trinity House is a place where increasing both self-respect and respect for others is actively promoted
  • Our services meet the needs of the community and are delivered in a friendly and efficient manner.
  • We work with other voluntary and statutory organisations to improve our services and provide additional services to meet the many and diverse needs of the community.


  • We expect to achieve success for individuals, groups and the community and celebrate when we achieve it.
  • We seek out, listen and act upon the opinions and ideas of the community, families, children and young people.
  • We seek the active participation of family and community in the development of children, young people and the Centre
  • We respect all users and members of our community, ensuring everyone feels welcome and able to participate.
  • We celebrate the diversity of our community and work for everyone to have equal access to our provision.
  • Staff and volunteers are given support and opportunities for development and their contributions are recognised and rewarded.